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I’m saying Goodbye to tumblr so…


It was awesome talking with you guys!

I hope to one day see you again! ^^

I’ve been inactive…

That’s because:
1. Animal Crossing New Leaf is out, which is a reason of itself.

2. Getting tired of tumblr.

I’ll be back… on Thursday

I’m reading this baka and test manga and I really like it

Himeji is actually a likable character- she’s almost… evil all the time. xD

But Kubo is acting kinda more Miharuish and I like him less ;n;

So while I was happily thinking  about the possibility that KG might be returning, I stopped for a bit.

I read an article that said the staff might be “Taking a break to prepare for the next 10 to 20 years”
I calculated that in my head, and 10 years would be 500 episodes. 20 years would be 1000 episodes. All together, that would make 758 episodes- 1358 episodes.

No. Just no.

I love SGT Frog a lot, but not enough to sit through 500 more episodes…

If they came back, I’d prefer if it ran for maybe 3 more years. 

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